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California Lutheran University

Sandy Gonzalez
Alisha Hernandez
Ana Sofia Campos
Toby Keagy
Jacky Quintero
Alyssa Abano
Hailey Schaffner
Kaylee Bosey
Mehak Sachdev
Cristina McQuillen
Helen Hong

It was truly a good feeling to know that a little time of my day can be so meaningful for someone else. Everyone that participated was welcoming and friendly. It was an amazing opportunity and I am happy I participated.

Gave 7.00 hours between 02/23/2017 and 02/24/2017
Nicole Hilaski

It was so amazing to help the community. It was also especially meaningful since the families who were receiving the homes worked right along side us and gave thanks to us at the end. I hope they create many beautiful memories in their homes in the many years to come.

Gave 7.00 hours between 02/23/2017 and 02/24/2017